Process engineering guild

Our student guild is meant for Process Engineering and Mining Technology & Mineral Processing students, and it is run by the board that is formed from the most active students of our department. The guild offers sport possibilities, guild room services, old exams on the internet and naturally student parties. We also cope with other tech students’ guilds and arrange various events with them.

You can find old exams here:

Username is “PYOtentit” and you can get the password by contacting our Correspondent of International Affairs, or from our guild room. Some exams are in English, but unfortunately mostly in Finnish.

Overalls and patches

Overalls and patches for the overalls are sold in our guild room by the members of the board. You are welcome to come “shopping” and usually there are members of the board almost all the time. The price of overalls vary and you can ask it from your tutor or from the board members. The patches are 2-3€.

In the day-to-day questions on your studies or student life you can contact our Correspondent of International Affairs (kv-vastaava (a)
You can always contact the board via e-mail (hallitus (a) !